Cocktail Boyz – Book 1 – White

This is definitely my book of the day.

From the jacket – Welcome to my world. Welcome to the sleazy, sex-orientated world of Sunee Plaza in ‘Sin City’, Pattaya, Thailand.
A place were elderly western men can buy the company of Thai boys for a few baht.
A place where young, innocent farm workers from around Thailand are turned into friends and lovers for as long as the Westerner has money…
This is a place where all that is important is where the next smartphone is coming from, the next gold necklace or the next fix. Here, it’s usually meth, known to us as yaba.
This is the real story, told by us, in our words, as it happened, from our point of view with nothing held back.
This is the story of Cocktail Boyz

Cocktail Boyz by Nicky Stewart. Available on Amazon


Again, from Amazon:

By Wade R. on November 19, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
Cocktail Boyz Story 1 turned out to be an emotionally charged story. It is written to make the characters feel real and genuine by allowing each boy to tale a segment of the story. The narrative is complicated and emotional but with all the elements to draw you in and keep you asking, “What’s next?”. The plot depicts a tale of poor country Thai boys trying to get ahead by going into the oldest profession in the world. This is a second chance story and how incredibly hard it is to get a leg up much less trust anyone in this seedy life.
The disturbing revelations pile up as the boys are faced having to make constant life choices at young ages and by-the-by the implications of what these choices indicate about the world are revealed – and completely believable.
A word of warning, this material is not for the vanilla among you. I’d say open your mind a bit and learn something about life’s reality. It was a relatively fast and an interesting read. Quick action-packed chapters which blew by at bedtime!
Can’t wait for the next instalment. I want to find out what happens to the boys, the bars, and Sunee.